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Chinese toon is very common vegetable, the smell of Chinese toon is sweet, a lot of people can immerse with salt, make it pickle and small pickles, taking a side with respect to congee at ordinary times is very appropriate, chinese toon is in also can scramble egg at ordinary times, if use, is already the Chinese toon with good souse, salt is not put as far as possible when doing, without the fresh Chinese toon of souse, when scrambling egg a few putting salt, can add color sweet.

Does Chinese toon scramble egg still need to put salt?

Chinese toon scrambles egg


Chinese toon 100g, egg 4, salt, oil


Abluent exothermic irons 1.100g Chinese toon to be taken out in water bowl mincing

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2.4 eggs knock is open add Chinese toon into big bowl, right amount saltShanghai Long Feng forum

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Agitate even

3. boiler cheers the egg fluid that burns heat to fall to add Chinese toon, gently rock boiler is egg fluid is rolled out equably1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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, open medium baking temperature slowly decoct good one side, flip through again frying pan is egg fluid whole invert again decoct other one side, decoct arrives slightly yellow can

Does Chinese toon scramble egg still need to put salt?

Chinese toon scrambles egg


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, chinese toon 100 grams, a few of chopped green onion. Condiment refined salt 1 small spoon, white sugar a few, salad oil 2 big spoon.

Does Chinese toon scramble egg still need to put salt?


1, rinse Chinese toon with clear water clean, next take out hard root, drop clean moisture cuts delicate last stage.

2, the egg infiltrates in the bowl, mix is even.

3, hot pot enters salad oil, lay an egg, decoct becomes chunk, put Chinese toon to mix fry even hind, join refined salt, white sugar fries tasty quickly, drench bright oil gives boiler can.

Material is replaced

Raw material can replace an egg with gallinaceous silk, say Chinese toon fries gallinaceous silk.

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Flavour changes

White sugar of the take out in flavoring, add oil of any of several hot spice plants of earthnut bead, hemp, call fry bud of Chinese toon of Ma Xiangmu Xi.

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