” Palagong ” real opportunity of GRIM.exe of hero of new long-range physics demonstrates video

 Recently, intermediary was given off outside ” Palagong ” the real opportunity of Xin Yingxiong GRIM.exe demonstrates. Xin Yingxiong GRIM.exe is a long-range physics hero, can launch long-range attack to the enemy continuously, still have decelerate technical ability at the same time.

 Be worth what carry is, xin Yingxiong GRIM.exe and Lan Bo are different, this small be not being nodded is not to sit in the robot, fly in its upper part however, hold through a remote controller accuse a robot to have a fight, like seeming to playing remote control toy.

 ” Palagong ” will at official on June 7 put on sale, having a test on PS4 and PC at present, the player that bought forerunner ceremony package can play this Xin Yingxiong immediately.

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