Game government is announced ” pocket monster GO ” pertinent information catchs a method

 ” pocket monster GO ” predict will in March the last ten-day of a month begins to distribute a letter. A few days ago, ” pocket monster GO ” the information of a few game that the government published this making, include the method of recover pocket monster and path house battle to wait for pertinent information.

 Be in ” pocket monster GO ” in, the player will serve as training to division takes a walk in various places and be explored, the feral pocket monster that and players can be caught appears and disappear over. If players are in laky or the word near ocean, perhaps can encounter the pocket monster of water property! This resembles simply is the training that sets foot on the stay away from home that searchs pocket monster division is same, everybody resembles be in real world so expeditionary!

 ” pocket monster GO ” when be in the condition that start, if pocket monster appearing near the player, hand opportunity undertakes clew with shaking form. The word that stands by the pocket monster that shows on the map can encounter with its, the demon ball that shows in picture of after this pitching can catch this pocket monster.

 2. Oneself pocket monster is configured in path house. With bag store, also can appear to be called in the map that this making the special place of the house, and players can configure his pocket monster in path house, can be subject to this house so. What need an attention nevertheless is, the path house that players choose to configure is conditional, the path house that players can choose to did not configure any team pocket monster only or the path house that configured a player to be the same as team pocket monster.

 3. Path house fights. To configuring the path house of monster of pocket of a certain team, two other teams can choose to start house war to its. Be in same a path house is medium, a player can configure monster of a pocket only at most, accordingly players need and teammate people join forces configures many pockets monster, the defense that lets a house is more substantial.

 The players in this making can try to finish all sorts of challenges, such can proceed with all sorts of achievement are numismatic, and these medal can show the individual data in the player is medium.

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