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Because the female’s hair is general longer, occurrence spot is so bald more apparent also. Spot is bald main show falls off to circular hair appears on scalp, spot is bald more horrible to the female, because of each females very the appearance that cares about oneself, the spot that appears suddenly is bald because mental pressure brings about body immunity force to drop greatly too,the likelihood is, fitness also drops subsequently those who cause. So is the female abrupt is spot bald how to do?

The female is abrupt spot is bald

On sensitive wool bursa, ketone of Shuang Qing Gao and androgen suffer body to be united in wedlock, this kind of hormone suffers body answer to combine body activation gene, make bigA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Eventually wool bursa turns graduallyShanghai noble baby

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Melt into miniaturization wool bursa. Short-haired pelt bursa grows accident degree of finish differ all sorts ofFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Hair, these hair are the characteristic of this one disease. In female spot bald patient, this kind of petty hair is more dispersive, but mix in frontal ministry coping scalp is most apparent. The female withholds circuit hair along the hair border of frontal ministry normally. Petty hair, few and far between hairdo and come on the diagnosis that time supports pair of this one disease earlier. The woman is serious spot unsatisfactory condition.

The female is abrupt spot is bald

The period of bald patient of most female spot is normal, can normal gravid. Unless the patient has much wool, serious hair1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Phlogistic, male transforms bag the symptom with the overmuch androgen such as leakage of feature, breast and body are asked for, need not do comprehensive hormone to detect commonly. Through determining in serum total or male ketone of watch of the spermary ketone of free, vitriolic dehydrogenation and the level of the element that urge breast will judge androgen overmuch, with determine the method of element, iron and iron albumen comes to serum thyroid gland eliminate other possibility to cause the cause with female bald spotA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The female is abrupt spot is bald

Class bald patient accompanies those who have disease of immunity of a few oneself to compareShanghai Long Feng forum

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Rate is higher than normal crowd. The person that occupy 0 ~ 8%; to accompany wind of white purplish or white patches on the skin like the person that accompany thyroid disease takes 4%(normal person only 1%) . And the research report that oneself antibody concerns in spot bald patient is differ, have those who say existence, also have those who say to was not found. A of domestic Zhang Xinjiang about T cell inferior group reach β bald patient of spot of the clew in the research of 2 small globulin is existing T cell network reachs humoral immunity mussily maladjusted.

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