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Person of majority of haemolysis sex enteritis always thinks this is the disease of a kind of immunity, bring about patient bowel path to often go outA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Show diarrhoea of have loose bowels, inShanghai Long Feng forum

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Defecate when can discover to be to contain hematic silk inside defecate, want to know enteritis will be exceedingly serious, no matter be what kind of type, should be checked in time to the hospital and ought to treat, also can discoverShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The problem of the illness is in, have normative treatment, have very great help to restoring so.

 Haemolysis sex enteritis

Haemolysis sex enteritis, most scholar thinks this disease belongs to oneself immunity disease.

The cortin can make the illness alleviates, can check in the serum of partial patient fight colonic epithelial antibody, think this ill happening is likely so with oneself immunity reaction is concerned.

We answer nurturance good convention, try to prevent. Forbidden the virus that destroys body immunity inbreaks. Shanghai noble baby

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Want to recuperate oneself body more at ordinary times, add more take exercise, enhance oneself immunity power. Eat green vegetable more, increase the complement of the vitamin. Such we just are met body strong put oneself in another’s position is strong, the odds that gets enteritis just is met greatly less.

 Haemolysis sex enteritis

Measure / method:

1, colonitis should have a good habits and customs in the process that nurses daily, at ordinary times should diligent wash one’s hands, the recuperation of dietary respect also is very important, had better not eat food of a few epinosic, do not drink unboiled water at ordinary times, avoid the generation with occurrence aching abdomen so, the auxiliary cure of butt joint the wounded has very good effect.

2, the patient of colonitis is in the process of diet, should the bad habit that give up eats and drink too much, should have a good dietary law at ordinary times, do not eat a few cold cool food, do not eat a few stodges as far as possible, avoid the appearance with occurrence more serious colonitis so.

3, occurrence finish bowelSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Phlogistic should notice the individual is wholesome, at ordinary times should a good individual sanitation is used to, should be in anteprandial logistics washs his hands, avoid these bacteria so cause, the patient of colonitis should note body respect at ordinary times nurse, exercise appropriately, can increase the disease-resistant capacity of oneself.

 Haemolysis sex enteritis


Of colonitis nurse the method is more, should cause take seriously, should have a good state of mind at ordinary timesForum of Shanghai night net

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, notice reasonable food is arranged, had better not eat before sleep especially acrimony excitant food, avoid the generation of occurrence colonitis.

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