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Be pregnant 7 months when haemorrhage this is a kind of circumstance that a lot of females had appeared, when having this kind of case, should appearing need people to be able to be paid attention to all the more, this is likely cause because of the sign that has abortion, it is position of a foetus likely unusual and those who cause is possible also cause because of female urology occurrence problem. People needs to understand this is how to return a responsibility, after that positive suit the remedy to the case, pregnant of one one’s heart’s desire introduces in detail below 7 months haemorrhage is how to return a responsibility.

Be pregnant 7 months haemorrhage is how to return a responsibility

Be pregnant 7 months see red it is what reason

Be pregnant 7 months appeared the vagina bleeds, need B to exceed placenta of the buy before the examination eliminates above all, if B exceeds an examination to eliminate unusual, that is the likelihood of threatened abortion, the need below this kind of circumstance notices lie in bed rests more, need to take when necessary protect an embryo to medication. The proposal appears this kind of symptom should notice lie in bed rests, prohibit at the same time sexual life.

Threatened abortion says simply even if the female was pregnant to time is not worth 28 weeks and appear to issue dilate of neck of celiac ache, palace, vagina to bleed to wait for a circumstance and cause abortive appearance. Be pregnant time is little at 12 weeks call inchoate threatened abortion, in 12 to 28 weeks call terminal threatened abortion. Haemorrhage of accurate mom private parts is threatened abortion likely extremely, namely common says see red. More or less to differ because of what bleed, and blood is long when the deposit inside the vagina different, the color that sees red blood so also is diversiform, can appear vermeil, pink it is rufous even. Pregnant woman can feel bellyacke, abdominal distension, waist is acerbity at the same time, and feel quickening straining wait. Once pregnant woman produces the phenomenon of threatened abortion to should undertake in time checking make a diagnosis and give treatment to the hospital, may cause more serious harm otherwise, cause for instance abort or because bleed too much and occurrence infection brings about death to wait. Pregnant has been belonged to when 7 months terminal, this moment is fetal and opposite for had compared stability, want pregnant mom not to appear only violent campaignFall in love with the sea

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If, it is very safe normally.

Be pregnant 7 months haemorrhage is how to return a responsibility

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See red hind note

1, see red unexpectedlying flavour is worn labor immediately

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“See red ” mean be about to labor, also want because of the person different of course. Not be to see red laborred immediately. The physiology situation of everybody is different, seeShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Red it is the omen that labor pains will begin only, see red later the ability after wanting 1-2 day can be produced. Some people want 4-5 day.

Antenatal sees red still do not have comer, make water must get ready when going out not wet. The puerpera that labors for the first time especially, see red hind won’t labor immediately, want to await patiently so.

2, see red unexpectedlying flavour is worn immediately labor pains

A lot of puerperas think to see red with respect to the labour pains on meeting horse, focus attention in this out and out because of mental insecurity above, bring about insomnia, the fatigue meeting that be not worth as a result of Morpheus and creates the body brings about physical strength to drop, brokenhearted head, such bisect childbirth are very adverse. Want to maintain good humor, actively, patient ground awaits, take food normally, assure1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Morpheus, retain physical power.

3, divisional see red with haemorrhage

After the puerpera bleeds, in the without what new case inside 1-2 day, need not exorbitant is afraid. If bleed cannot stanch, and ache is being accompanied when bleed, not be to see red. Haemorrhage hind if oneself cannot be judged, be about immediately cure.

Be pregnant 7 months haemorrhage is how to return a responsibility

Bleed and see red divisional method

(1) whether can the stanch on the horse

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The 1-2 after haemorrhage has not stopped inside day, be about to go to a hospital making an inspection as early as possible, whether is because other reasons are caused,looking. Whether to if ache is very intense,ache, the likelihood has special case, go to a hospital checking immediately, if cannot be moved when should call an ambulance.

(Whether is 2) sticky condition

See red when gore is mixing mucus, and haemorrhage does not mix mucus.

(3) haemorrhage is measured whether a lot of

If compare menstruation to bleed the capacity is much, and compare much at ordinary times word with the quantity of sanitary towel, should instantly go to a doctor.

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