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Have a lot of people very interrogative why cannot sleep quite when making drug, this nerve that because anaesthetic is can paralytic,basically drops people namely, cause the case that patient occurrence consciousness loses, so if be,sleeping during inject anaesthetic is to be able to appear the situation that endangers life, return the tongue that may let a patient bite his, cause tongue loss, the position that says that he must want to keep sober so goes injecting anaesthetic.

 Why to hit anaesthetic to cannot sleep

Maintain respiratory tract unobstructed

1, the respiratory tract after patient consciousness disappears can drop because of glossal hind and jam, prevent the method that drops after the tongue:

(1) holds a mandible in the palm: With the mandible horn of patient of both hands park, hold mandible in the palm to upper part, make issue tine park upper besides, glossal root can be broken away from on palate. The anaesthesia when anaesthesia is revulsive person with left hand 4, 5 a mandible is held in the palm after pointing to horn of park left mandible, the others 3 point to button guaze mask, right hand extruding breathes bursa all right artificially.

(The way admires after 2) head: The patient lies on his back, the right handSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The forehead of park patient and occipitalia make the head is admired backward, cervical and forward draft.

(3) puts entrance pharynx airway or nose pharynx airway.

(4) travel is tracheal inside intubate.

2, prevent tracheal inside conduit happening is twisted fold, use vessel of finer wire consolidate when necessary.

3, the secretion inside seasonable cleared respiratory tract.

4, take strict precautions against tracheal emergence always tracheal, tracheal and fixed want reliable, change tracheal place should be checked again after standard.

 Why to hit anaesthetic to cannot sleep

Maintain an effective tolerance

1, auxiliary breath: The patient breathes independently but when exchange measures inadequacy feasible and auxiliary breath. Operation method:

(1) at the patient inspiratory in the begining extruding breath bursa makes the patient’s tidal volume increases, and expiratory when loosen breathing bursa, expiration gas platoon comes1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Inside bursa.

(After every interval breathes normally, 2) extruding frequency can squash, pressure is ~ of 0.98 ~ 1.47kPa(10 commonly 15cmH2O) , but comply with a gender to have with pectoral lung of the patientShanghai Long Feng forum

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Close, with pectoral outline inLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum
Degree blow Zhang Weiyi.

 Why to hit anaesthetic to cannot sleep

(When 3) assists breath must maintain with; of own breath synchronismShanghai noble baby

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Zuo expiratory time, suck: Breathe out than with 1: 2 advisable.

2, control breathes: Disappear completely when own breath, can use hand extruding to breathe bursa or open respirator to undertake controlling breath. Basically use at be being reached when complete hemp is revulsive to maintain period the person that use flesh loose drug.

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