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Northerner dispute often likes to eat dumpling previously, and as contemporary standard of living rise, many southern also are preferred eat dumpling, and it is important that dumpling also became one of Chinese traditional culture indicative. Be in especially a few important1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Festival when, every family can eat dumpling, indicative round reunion is round, and to happiness good message of a year. But when eating dumpling need dips in dish, do this dip in is dish vinegar or soy?

 Dumpling dips in vinegar or soy

This is not a problem that has absolutely result. This depends on the be fond of of the area attribute that everybody lives and individual is good. E.g. northeast person, they like to eat dumpling to dip in soy, or the mixture of soy and vinegar dips in makings, and vinegar must be mature vinegar. Eating dumpling commonly in southern Shanghai person personally is to should dip in of vinegar, and those who use is rice vinegar1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Why do we eat dumpling to want to dip in commonly then vinegar? Think commonly vinegarA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Can help us digest. Because we have dumpling majority commonly,be meat stuffing, and dumpling skin is digested not quite easily. Vinegar regards a kind of acidity as food, can enhance squirm power of the stomach effectively, the inadequacy of complementary hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, the assimilation of stimulative human body. The 2nd is told from chemical reaction, because face skin is acidity, and the flesh also is acidity, and although vinegar is acid food, but it is actually a kind alkaline, eat dumpling to dip in vinegar can undertake soda acid is balanced. In addition also dip in because of dumpling vinegar is very delicate.

 Dumpling dips in vinegar or soy

So should when eating dumpling, we use mature vinegar or sweet vinegar after all?

1. likes the degree of jealous to look from oneself above all, Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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You are not to have vinegar not joyous, special can jealous, so recommend with mature vinegar. If you are general only,can take sick at heart, that is recommended with sweet vinegar.

2. basis the stuffing of dumpling will judge. If you eat, is Chinese cabbage dumpling, egg dumpling that general sweet vinegar is OK; if what you eat is hotpot dumpling, or catfish dumpling, that mature vinegar suits more.

3. basically is a basis weight of dumpling stuffing olfactory. Dumpling stuffing flavour is jumped overA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Heavy, we are recommended commonly with mature vinegar, if dumpling stuffing flavour is special weak, sweet vinegar perhaps does not dip in vinegar is wonderful.

 Dumpling dips in vinegar or soy

4. looks from burden, if you are pure only,dip in vinegar, mature vinegar sweet vinegar is OK, if you are oil of tie-in mashed garlic, chili, that needs mature vinegar certainly, what taste ability achieves perfection so is delicate.

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