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Mention tea-seed oil, most person is not new, tea-seed oil serves as tea kind floral extracts content, there is very wide application in our life. But the tea-seed oil of different area, different sort also is having distinct effect, also have the branch of character actor bad, need according to the individual actual condition undertakes choosing. And wild camellia oil serves as a relatively rare kind, got the welcome of a lot of crowds, introduce oil of camellia of one fall out of power how to should eat for everybody today.

 How does wild camellia oil eat

Jiangxi is tea-seed oil is high grade produce a division, tea-seed oil of its high mountain is the common tea-oil tree from inside feral hill tea tree. The plant of pure natural and advanced edible that extracts in mature tea seed is oily, the colour and lustre of hill tea-seed oil via miscellaneous in the past deodorization is clear and bright, character is pure, smoke point is higher, taste is pure. And tea-seed oil suffers fully favorite, because it is fed formidably,basically be with diligent effect, superior nutrient value and taller smoke are nodded, let tea-seed oil make the choice of oil of a kind of advanced edible, this also is why to compare at common edible oil character, the reason with tea-seed oil higher price.

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P; Jiangxi is the ground of tea-seed oil of special local product, the edible method of tea-seed oil was summed up below, be like next utility:

1, use at rash of infantile make water, eczema, camellia oil besmears directly at affected partLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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, also can use at mosquito bite, safe and effective.

2, the effect that tea-seed oil has invigorate the circulation of blood to change Yu, can disappear is red, retreat swollen, special apply to an infant to fall, touch, safe and effective.

3, everyday early morning is hollow unripe feed oil of 1 spoon camellia, solve; of pregnant woman constipation easily to use 10, tea-seed oil of beautiful valley of 15 milligram peaceful adds 1/3 honey, everyday morning and evening is taken each, take repeatedly 3, 5 days can treat senile constipation.

 How does wild camellia oil eat

4, drawing of skin of pregnant woman later period, easy occurrence Sao itchs and weather-shack phenomenon, everyday early morning uses paint of hill tea-seed oil, can preventLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

5, the edible after the puerpera labors, fill namely personally, can let cut cicatrization at an early date again. Oil of constant edible wild camellia can promote pregnant lying-in woman fetal development, add mother milk, restore postpartum bodily form.

6, before sleeping, be all round the eye wipe oil of a bit camellia, can eliminate pouch.

7, camellia oil is dew of skin of the best frost that protect a hand, embellish, winter time is wiped with a few tea-seed oil at the lip, can prevent a lip weather-shack.

8, light apply tea-seed oil at hepatic place, but disappear abdomen goes up gas, additional, camellia of peaceful beautiful valley is oily can moist skin, defer airframe consenescence, raise level of human body nutrition, raise children to digest absorb ability, stimulative children appetite, often eat tea-seed oil health, it is the beautiful in daily life tastes people, be helpful for improving life quality already, can prolong life.

9, camellia oil is had protect wet, moist, protect hair raise Yan Gongneng, use at protecting to send, can prevent a hair to rupture with trichomadesis, bath hind brushs a body, enhance skin flexibility, can prevent and cure winter skin Sao is urticant.

10, folk still treats the skin disease such as scald and burn and ringworm of the body, chronic eczema with tea-seed oil.

11, the foot is jerky: Take oil of right amount camellia to fry thin pork, add ginger, fry ripe later, right amount boiled water adds green vegetables.

12, heart disease, oedema: Take sensitive plant of decoct of tea-seed oil of right amount and sterling hill, mix green carapace duck’s egg.

13, flesh is traumatic bleed: The tea-seed oil that use hill adds soya bean to boil poached eggs to eat, can prevent cut agnail, accelerate heal.

14, diabetic: Take right amount tea-seed oil to fry luxuriant pomegranate tender leaf, every morning edible, can rise to alleviate action.

15, hypertension and reduce cholesterol: Take oil of two spoon camellia to mix rice meal, every morning edible.

 How does wild camellia oil eat

Tea-seed oil has hairdressing to raise colour action

1, facial: Camellia oil matchs classy honey, massage purify gently facial and petty furrow, OK still with high grade white sugar film of face of a modulation.

2, eye ministry: Oil of daily time camellia massages eye ministry ten minutes, can eliminate black rim of the eye and pouch, return a pair of your bright and attractive eyes.

3, the eyebrows and eyelashes: Brush embellish and conserve eyelash and brow carefully with camellia oil in the morning everyday, can make your the eyebrows and eyelashes inky ablaze, have delicate features. Forum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby

4, hair: Wash hair hind to use camellia oil alimentary hair, comb repeatedly, wait for a hour to make, again gently full, can make a hair elegant and ablaze.

5, labial ministry: With lip of besmear of hill tea-seed oil, carry labial department wet, double lip brilliant is bright and sexy, at the same time beardless concern swallows those who eat the lipstick that contain lead to kill.

6, hand ministry: Every wash a hand or finish housework, insist to use camellia oil moist with caress both hands 5 minutes, can carry hand department white tender beautiful.

7, fingernail: Massage fingernail and toenail with camellia oil, fingernail of with the passing of time and clean of embellish of toenail colour and lustre, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, make brothers beauty nifty.

8, abdomen: Easy accumulation adipose or have gravid grain, massage with camellia oil restore abdominal smooth evenness, massage navel also is hairdressing vogue.

9, legA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Ministry: Pore bulky, skin coarse or line is bad, can pass everyFall in love with the sea

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The day uses camellia to oil is massaged and be changed, return leg of a pair of your jade.

10, sufficient ministry: Wash a few of tea-seed oil of hill of the drop after the foot every time, massage double leg repeatedly, be helpful for preventing etiolation of crural ministry skin, ageing, sclerosis.

11, back: Because back nurses disadvantageous Chang Youxia defect, help of family of the request when bath is massaged with camellia oil, can make back bright and clean and attractive.

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