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Article introduction

Lotus lotus root is a kind of very pretty good vegetable, because bright of most mouthfeel of lotus lotus root is sweet, and the dish that lotus lotus root also is a kind of joker, add in what to be able to develop the mouthfeel with lotus distinctive lotus root. And for the female to menstruation, they have a lot of food to cannot eat, because this is met likely,affect their menstrual condition. Does the female function that is in menstruation so take lotus lotus root this kind of vegetable?

 Can menstruation take lotus lotus root

One, menstruation can eatShanghai noble baby

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Lotus lotus root

Lotus lotus root can raise Yin Qing heat, moisten the respiratory tract to relieve a cough, clear heart calms the nerves, raise blood blain of unripe flesh, clear hot dispel, moist skin, medicinal powder Yu blood, suit deficiency of yin with irritability very much the female edible of be agitated of hot and dry, period, be helpful for a female recuperating menstruation, alleviate blood of dysmenorrhoea, classics agglomerates, the symptom such as be agitated of period insomnia, period. Female period can take some of ripe lotus root more.

2, the sanitarian effect of lotus lotus root

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Shanghai noble baby

Lotus lotus root has method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood to raise hematic effect, can fill the empty of the five internal organs, strong bones and muscles, enrich the blood raise blood, unripe feed can distinct hot benefitShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Yu of travel of lung, cool blood, cooked food but be good at lienal appetizing, stop discharge solid essence, recuperation is galactic no less than, rich vitamin K is contained in lotus lotus root, have contractive blood-vessel and hemostatic effect.

 Can menstruation take lotus lotus root

3, the edible attention of lotus lotus root

1, sex of lotus lotus root is cold, discharge of defecate jalf congealed person reach a puerpera unfavorable edible, the puerpera is best after full moon again edible, yu of dispel of can cool blood.

2, appropriate choice appearance is full round, and nap is clean, do not take fork, after be not being taken lotus lotus root, do not choose an external form lotus root of lotus of concave and convex half-baked.

4, recommend recipe: Element fries lotus root piece

Material: Lotus lotus root 150 grams, colour any of several hot spice plants 100 grams, water sends agaric 45 grams, pink of a few of chopped green onion, salt, chicken, oysterShanghai noble baby

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Starch of cooking wine, water, edible is oily, oily each are right amount.


 Can menstruation take lotus lotus root

1, colour any of several hot spice plants cuts small, lotus lotus root is cut piece, agaric cuts Cheng Xiaoduo.

2, the affusion in boiler is burned, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Join lotus root of oil of pink of right amount salt, chicken, edible, lotus piece, boil to boil, put any of several hot spice plants of agaric, colour piece, boil moment slightly, fish out hind is stand-by.

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3, have pot with oil, feed starch of pink of material, oyster sauce, salt, chicken, cooking wine, water to fry divide evenly to fill into what scald crosses water piece, scatter on chopped green onion can.

Nutrient effect: Taste cool blood to come loose originally Yu, benefit be good at stomach, can use at female menstruation to be not moved, the disease such as dysmenorrhoea.

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