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Langouste can have a lot of kinds of ways, hot crayfish of the commonnest hemp of nothing is more… than, people must handle langouste first when doing langouste clean ability eats. The langouste flavor that differs however is not same, put condiment is natural different also. For instance authentic Zhi person langouste is a dish with first-rate flavour, but what the concrete step ability that must master him does is delicious. Everybody teachs the method of langouste of authentic Zhi person below.

Authentic Zhi practice of person    langouste

Method one:

The practice measure of langouste of person of garlic Chengdu Zhi

1.Turn on the water li raise langouste a little while

2.The chopstick is inserted from the eye on the buttock go in to put the make water of langouste, break the head next come down, inside splanchnic take out not.

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Fall in love with the sea

3.Use scissors to cut open langouste end, come off the flesh caudal crust, only the rear is linked together.

4.Prepare data

5.Small fire puts butter, do not want conflagration otherwise butter became angry

6.Put into garlic powder to fry sweet

7.Put weak butter and Paprika, put salt to flavor, break up fry moment, if feel rare to put a drop flour

8.Fill sauce langouste

9.Scatter above on integrated Zhi person break or Zhi person piece mincing put

10.Oven warm-up comes 350 degree Fahrenheit 180 Celsius, bake 2Forum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
0-25 minute, extremely yellow of Zhi person gold can

11.After giving heat, scatter on parsley end can eat.

Authentic Zhi practice of person    langouste

Method 2:

Advocate makings langouste a complementary makings: Cheese of Ma Su lira, right amount garlic, right amount black pepper,

A few of a few butter, a few onion, right amount white wine


1 langouste scrub is clean, ; of portion of drop clean water

2 edges central line cuts open back and abdomen, purify is branchial with sanded line;

3 put what spreading silver paper to bake dish on;

4 good into warm-up oven middle-level, fluctuation fire bakes 8 minutes or so 150 degrees, bake half ripe. Temperature and time want a foundation1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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; of increase and decrease of langouste build take into consideration the circumstances

The 5 Chengdu that cut garlic and onion are broken, small fire melts in boiler butter, explode sweet garlic Chengdu and onion are broken, add a few white wine to fry divide evenly;

6 irrigate go up in langouste, in the surface Su Li of even shakedown mount a horse pulls cheese broken;

7 enter oven middle-level, fluctuation fire 180 degrees 10 minutes or so, the surface asperses a few black pepper and caraway to break can.

Authentic Zhi practice of person    langouste


1, langouste ten million cannot use hilt shrimp head and shrimpFall in love with the sea

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Dissection personally, can use the means that twist only, can shed the elite of langouste otherwise break dropped;

2, before Bai Zhuo of the boiler below langouste, can insert from shrimp end with bamboo autograph, make langouste won’t accept reduction noisy beautiful;

3, Bai Zhuo’s water must boil, can make langouste colour and lustre more bright-coloured;

4, the water of white bright langousteLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Can leave the former soup; of langouste soup

5, juice of oil of the ox that make when must small fire slowly infusion, otherwise bovine oil can be boiled anxious, affect fragrance;

6, the time of the shrimp that boil must have been controlled, boil in waterShanghai Long Feng forum

Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble
Shorter, it is OK below bovine oil juice to mean those who boil is more long more tasty;

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