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Article introduction

The nutrient value ratio of caraway is higher, a lot of people like its distinct fragrance, can stimulate the person’s appetite, still have stimulative digestive effect at the same time, the egg also is a kind of egg that we often eat kind food, contain rich lecithin and protein, it is first-rate natural the food of be good at head, caraway fries an egg commonner also, not only very delicious, nutrition is richer also.

Caraway fries the practice of the egg

Be needed to feed capable person: Egg: 2, caraway: 1 2, flavoring. Salt, gourmet powder, 13 sweet, gallinaceous essence, edible oil.

Caraway fries the practice of the egg

The method that make

1, put egg batter down into the bowl, agitate divide evenly

2, caraway is washed dryForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Clean every other is controlled 1 centimeter cut into paragraphLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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3, oil is entered in boiler, wait for oil 8 the egg waits to change in putting the egg of agitate divide evenly into boiler by heat Huang Cheng comes out to be put into the bowl, break up twice in putting the caraway that has cut into boiler, wait for caraway to fry time-sharing giving water completely, break up twice into the egg, put salt next, 13 sweet, gourmet powder, put gallinaceous essence of life finally, break up twice to give boiler.

Egg effect effect

   1. Beneficial of be good at head wisdom: The egg is right neurological have very big effect with body development, the choline that contains among them is ameliorable the memory of each age group.

2. protects liver: The protein in the egg organizes injury to have repair effect to liver, the lecithin in yoke can promote the second birth of liver cell. Still can increase amount of albumen of human body plasma, enhance the metabolization function of human body and immune function.

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Arteriosclerosis of 3. prevention and cure: The home and medical worker use American dietetics egg1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Will prevent and cure arterial congee appearance is sclerotic, achieved unexpected breathtaking result, they extract lecithin from inside egg, walnut, pork liver, give everyday suffer from cardiovascular patient to eat 4 ~ 6 spoon. After 3 months, serum cholesterol of the patient drops significantly, achieve satisfactory result.

4. prevents cancer: According to the analysis that undertakes to mortality of cancer of whole world mankind, people discovers the intake of the mortality of cancer and Selenium becomes inverse ratio. And rich selenium element is contained in the egg.

5. defers consenescence: One of prolong life experience of many macrobian old people, eat an egg surely everyday namely.

Caraway fries the practice of the egg

6. hairdressing protects skin: Richer iron still is contained in the egg, iron element has hematopoiesis and the effect that carry oxygen and nutrient material in blood in human body. Face extensive of the person gives ruddy beauty, fromShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Do not open iron element. If iron pledges inadequacy can cause anemia of the sex that be short of iron, make complexion decline of the person yellow, the skin also lost beautiful luster. This shows, the egg is one of main provision that defend skin beauty truly. 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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